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AITI Holds Dialogue With District Office on Guidelines of Telecommunication Towers

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AITI Holds Dialogue With District Office on Guidelines of Telecommunication Towers
The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) together with local telecommunication operators (Telekom Brunei Berhad, DST Communications Sdn Bhd and B-Mobile Communications Sdn Bhd) with the support of Town and Country Planning Department today held a dialogue session which covered topics related to telecommunication towers.   
The event was attended by Penghulus and Ketua Kampungs from the Brunei Muara District, Authority for Building and Construction Industry and representatives from the supporting agencies.  The event was held at Seri Kerna Hall, AITI Building, Anggerek Desa. 
The Guest of Honour (GOH) was Dato Paduka Haji Awang Alaihuddin bin POKDGSLDSU Haji Awang Mohamad Taha, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications in his capacity as the Chairman of AITI. The GOH cited the importance of telecommunication towers in strategic locations nationwide such as the residential areas, offices and at commercial areas to ensure telecommunications service coverage and provide sufficient capacity which is used for transmission of data.  
The GOH also shared that AITI in their capacity ensures that international safety standards are adhered to in relation to radiofrequency emissions.  AITI has the capability and equipment to measure radiofrequency emissions from telecommunications equipment, including base stations located on towers.  
The GOH observed that improvements to the telecommunications network, mobile phone coverage and quality of service is not only dependent on the telecommunication operators and AITI, but requires cooperation from Government agencies and telecommunications operators, Penghulus and Ketua Kampong. 
This session provided awareness on the importance of connectivity in the digital era for communication in everyday life.pan>  It also highlighted the relationship between the increase of telecommunications towers nationwide and the improved quality of telecommunications service experienced by consumers.  Information was also provided on tower construction and safety aspects of telecommunications equipment mounted on these towers.
MoMohammad Norelham bin Haji Zaini, Senior Technical Officer from AITI shared information on the process of acquiring rights to erect a telecommunication tower which covered technical criteria of tower and explained the approval process by the relevant authorities. 
Pengiran Haji Zahari Bin Pengiran Haji Damit from DST Communications Sdn Bhd spoke about monopoles while Hajah Noorul Baiyinah binti Haji Kassim from B-Mobile Communications Sdn Bhd spoke on the importance of towers to ensure availability of signal coverage and quality of service.   
Both DST Communications n Bhd and B-Mobile Communications Sdn Bhd shared their future plans for tower sites to garner support from those present. 
The event concluded with a question and answer session which discussed structural safety of telecommunications towers, general health issues related to radiofrequency emissions from telecommunications equipment, criteria for selection of tower sites, frequency spill over from neighbouring countries, the cost of telecommunications services and the sale of telecommunications equipment in the country.   
The panel for the question and answer session consisted of representatives from AITI, Town and Country Planning Department, Telekom Brunei Berhad, DST Communications Sdn Bhd and B-Mobile Communications Sdn Bhd. AITI also plans to hold similar dialogues for the other Districts throughout this year. 
Penghulu Mukim Gadong ‘A’ Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Tahamit bin Haji Nudin raised the issue of the value of prepaid top up cards from one of the mobile operators where previously a $10 top up card would give the subscriber $12.  The mobile operator concerned explained that there has been no change and subscriber should still be getting $12, if this doesn’t happen then the subscriber should contact the mobile operator’s helpdesk who will be able to resolve the issue.
Penghulu Mukim Mentiri Pemangku Ketua Kampong Batu Marang Yang Mulia Pengarah Haji Abd Rahman bin Haji Naim asked about mobile operator’s plans for future mobile coverage since there is currently no coverage in Kampong Batu Marang.  The mobile operator concerned explained that the range of coverage from the nearest tower in Sungai Buloh apparently cannot reach Batu Marang but with this feedback the operator may be able accelerate development for coverage in this area.  The operator welcomes support from those living in the affected area.