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AITI Launches IC Citizen Training and Certification to Promote Resposible Netizens

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AITI Launches IC Citizen Training and Certification to Promote Resposible Netizens
1st batch of IC CITIZEN Train-the-Trainer Certification Training in session
The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) has launched a pilot training program on “IC CITIZEN Certification”. The training took place at Tech One Global Office in K Hub building in Anggerek Desa.
IC CITIZEN Certification is the first of its kind in the world that promotes appropriate use of technology, in response to the growing need to raise a generation of responsible netizens. It is designed and developed by Prestariang Systems Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia-based ICT training and certification company in collaboration with Certiport Inc. AITI has recently inked an agreement with Prestariang Systems Sdn Bhd on 23rd June 2011 to provide the IC CITIZEN certification and training programme in Brunei Darussalam.
About 100 participants took part in this programme including selected teachers from Primary and Secondary Schools across the nation, as well as trainers from the local training providers, bloggers and members of the public. The IC CITIZEN certification and training programme is conducted through two categories, namely IC CITIZEN “Digital Etiquette” for bloggers and the general public, and IC CITIZEN “Train the Trainer” Certification for teachers and trainers.
This training programme, which is fully subsidised by AITI, has kicked-off on 11th July and will run in 4 batches until end of this month. The response has been overwhelming with all seats taken up within a week after the advertisement was published in the local media.
According to the Chief Executive of AITI, Haji Yahkup Haji Menudin, this certification training is aimed at giving the participants an in-depth understanding and knowledge on how to become responsible Internet users and consecutively make good etiquette part of everyone’s digital culture. He hopes that the teachers can also impart the knowledge gained from the training to their students and fellow teachers, whereas for the trainers to be able to run such courses in their respective organisations.
Master Trainer from Prestariang Systems, Ahmad Suhaimi Hj Saad
The Chief Knowledge Officer of Prestariang Systems, Encik Abd Hamid Abd Rahman, said that “It is very important to have this certification because it signifies that you have the knowledge, understanding on appropriate etiquette when you are online. This indicates that you are a reliable and ethical person when dealing with digital tools. Certifying Brunei teachers with IC CITIZEN Certification will provide them with the confidence, knowledge and skills to educate their netizen students, thanks to AITI for their forward-thinking initiative”.
One of the participants, Ariffin Hj Yusof (ICT Training Officer, SEAMEO Voctech Regional Centre), felt that AITI’s initiative in introducing this program is timely as the Internet users in Brunei are growing very fast especially with the popularity of social networking websites such asfacebook and twitter.
Meanwhile Sidek Apong, an Education Officer from Saiyyidina Abu Bakar Secondary School said the course showed the right approach in using the Internet. It also highlighted to all netizens, especially the youths who spend most of their time online, to be more aware of real threats which exist in the digital world and what consequences their actions can bring when they post their pictures or remarks online. They should also appreciate the Internet by becoming more responsible netizens.
Rasyiqah Rahgeni, an Education Officer from Masin Secondary School said that the course was very educational and she learned a lot of new things regarding practising safety when doing cyber activities. She would share the information she has gained on the ethical use of the Internet with her family members and students. She also highlighted how e-Care module in the program shows participants how to avoid the effects of impulsive Internet and computing addictions especially among the younger generation.
Md Zunnurain Hj Zaini, a trainer from Infomars Training & Technology Solutions said the program had very good course content and would highly recommend it to all.
Partcipants of IC CITIZEN Training