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AITI re-affirms quality commitment to benefit telecom users

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AITI re-affirms quality commitment to benefit telecom users


AITI re-affirms quality commitment to benefit telecom users
AITI in its role as telecommunications regulator continues to keep focus on delivery of quality telecommunications services. The active steps taken in this regard aim at ensuring wide availability of reliable telecommunications services for users in Brunei Darussalam. empower.jpgSharing of beneficial information with subscribers and the general public is a basic step to make the exercise successful. Adopting this strategy safeguards and empowers the subscribers to make informed choices and safeguard their respective rights. Besides this, it will also help the industry to steer towards optimal utilisation of resources in the era of converged services.
 Since October 2011, AITI has been working with the three major telecommunication service providers (telcos) to implement a framework quality.jpggoverning Quality of Services. This framework took effect from 1st October 2012 and aims to promote quality as an inherent part of
telecommunication services by seeking better compliance from licensed telcos against a set of standardised performance parameters. It covers aspects of availability, reliability and consumer servicing in relation to services such as voice, broadband etc. AITI has adapted international standards and best practices to suit the local environment.
The introductory implementation phase of the framework provided for a year-long voluntary compliance period (2012 to 2013) to allow the telcos to undertake the necessary preparations for mandatory compliance. This not only provides an opportunity for the telcos to take an initiative on this front but also promotes the spirit of self-regulation. Besides, the significance of performance parameters is tested again real conditions. Starting this year, AITI will impose mandatory obligations on the telcos to adhere to its Quality of Service framework. 

 Since 2012, AITI has undertaken continuous assessment of progress made by the telcos and certain improvements such as increase in average broadband speed per user has been observed. It is believed that efforts must continue with the involvement of the stakeholders so that gaps are bridged and satisfactory performance is achieved on all accounts. As part of our consumer awareness campaign, AITI shall be sharing the related findings through a series of articles on fixed line, cellular mobile and broadband services in the coming weeks.