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BICTA Roadshow Starts of with ICT Industry and Private Institutions

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BICTA Roadshow Starts of with ICT Industry and Private Institutions


Authority of Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) will be conducting a BRUNEI ICT AWARD (BICTA) 2012 roadshow for the whole month of February, 2012, and the program has started today with briefing initially to companies in the ICT Industry and Private Education Institutions and will be followed by briefing to Government’s Tertiary Education Institutions and Secondary Schools.
The event was opened with a welcoming speech by Hj Yahkup bin Hj Menudin, Chief Executive of AITI. Followed by speakers from the BICTA working committee which elaborated upon the background of the BICTA 2012, BICTA 2012 Road Show Schedule, Guidelines and Roadmap on BICTA and APICTA 2012, Information on Identify, Design and Develop (IDD) workshop, and to Identify potential ICT projects in the companies and education institutions.
As part of the initiatives to inform potential participants for the upcoming BICTA 2011, AITI will facilitate this roadshow throughout the month of February. The roadshow is conducted with a committee consisting of members from Ministry of Communications (MINCOM), AITI and Infocomm Federation Brunei (IFB). One of the latest features that will be highlighted for the upcoming BICTA competition is the Identify, Design and Develop (IDD) workshop.
The two day workshop will be held on 22nd and 23rd March, AITI building, Anggerek Desa. There would be renowned oversea speakers who would share with the participants on how to identify, design and develop their products/projects.
In this first part of the workshop, the main focus is to identify ideas of a project or a product, to relook at the project or the product, for unique features that can demonstrate a high degree of innovation and creativity. Participants who haven’t got any product at the moment would also benefit from acquiring an in-depth scanning of new ideas that will inspire them to move on to the next level of design.
In the second part of the workshop, the participants will be introduced several practical models and mechanisms to turn these ideas into products through proper product design. Participants will be able to frame a series of commercial and technical questions (such as customer demands, platform, architecture), and make the necessary judgement calls on their assessments of their product design.
Lastly, the workshop will focus on the product development as to help participants to bring out a product to the market that can be commercialised and considered as the "innovative and trend-setting". The product dssdevelopment session covers a range of issues ranging from strategic outsourcing, selection of development tools, user interfaces to piloting and testing.
The workshop intends to focus the products development in more lucrative and demanding market.
The registration for the workshop can be done during the roadshow or interested parties can contact the BICTA committee directly through email or go through the BICTA website
Another highlight of this years BICTA competition is the PATRON award, which is given by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince. The Royal Patron award will be given away to the best amongst the first place winners in all categories; the award is awarded only once in every 2 years.
This year Brunei Darussalam will be hosting the 12th Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards event. All the 16 economies that are participants of the APICTA award will come to the country to compete for the prestigious APICTA award. The APICTA award will take place in December 2012.
The BICTA roadshow will be held throughout the month of February 2012. Any interested schools and institutions may contact the BICTA representatives at 2323232 or via email at or visit the BICTA website at