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Brunei Delegates Briefed on Singapore eGovernment Exhibits

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Brunei Delegates Briefed on Singapore eGovernment Exhibits
The Brunei Darussalam ICT companies and delegates participating in CommunicAsia were briefed by officials from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) on Singapore eGovernment solutions and services at the IDA Singapore Pavilion yesterday.  The eGovernment exhibition were held in conjunction with the eGovernment Global Exchange 2013, an biennial gathering of eGovernment professionals, experts and Chief Information Officers to share experiences, ideas and case studies on eGovernment.  The visit to the IDA Singapore eGovernment Pavilion was led by Awang Queh Ser Pheng, Deputy Chief Executive (Regulatory, Industry and International) from the Authority of Info-communications Technology of Brunei Darussalam (AITI).  The Brunei delegation was welcomed by Mr Melvern Ong, Deputy Director (International Operations), IDA
The guided tour started with a visual demonstration of the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) 3D Urban Planner application.  The application was able to allow their planners to visualize and view 3D models of urban plans and take into consideration the physical, environment and building requirements to aid their city state planning.  The delegation was then briefed on business analytics as the next big trend in the infocomm space.  Enterprises everywhere are awash with ever-growing data of all types – proprietary, personal and public.  There are many benefits in mining these data to support businesses in their operations and government in their scenario planning for policy decisions.  The delegation were shown live demonstrations of business analytics applications for retail whereby data pertaining to human traffic in retail shops and daily sales takings can help mall and retails owners figure out customers’ shopping preferences and hence able to help tailor targeted marketing.  Another business analytics application shown was inventory optimizer where by businesses can use the daily and monthly sales orders and in-stock data to ensure that there is optimal stock inventory and thereby improve the turnover of stocks.
In the hardware arena, the delegation witnessed a demonstration of an innovative product called iTwin Connect.  The USB based device is a Singapore invention and it is a personal, zero-configuration Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution which is very simple to use.  One half of the iTwin Connect device can be plug into an office PC or notebook and the other half into a notebook on-the-go.  The on-the-go notebook will instantly have secured VPN access to the office PC or notebook.  This enables the users to access office network and resources such as office network storage or applications.  The iTwin Connect is bi-directional so that the user can use it to access networks in both ways, home to office or office to home.
The last exhibit shown was IDA’s demonstration of TV White Space.  TV White Spaces are the unused TV broadcast channels made available by transitions from analog to digital TV.  In September 2010, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of United States unanimously approved new rules for the use of unlicensed white space spectrum.  The Office of Communication (Ofcom) in the United Kingdom followed suit one year later.  The TV White Space has been touted as an untapped resource that has the potential to unleash a myriad of applications and services, given its attractive propagation characteristics and relatively large frequency blocks.  The delegation was shown live demonstration of TV White Space in action whereby live surveillance cameras installed at the new Gardens By The Bay were able to use the frequency and spectrum to transmit live video feeds in high definition and with no lag.
Similar to the yesterday’s visit to the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) Pavilion by the Brunei delegation, AITI hopes that such briefing and visits held during CommunicAsia will broaden the horizon of our Brunei ICT companies.  The exhibits and demonstrations would be able to give these companies an appreciation of the latest trends and the possible applications and use of such technologies in Brunei as it has been shown to be working in Singapore.