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Classification of Brunei’s ICT Businesses for Government ICT Projects

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Classification of Brunei’s ICT Businesses for Government ICT Projects
The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) would like to announce the opening of ICT Accredited Business (ICTAB) application for the local ICT vendors and businesses.
ICTAB allows ICT businesses to be classified into five (5) different classes based on their financial capacity, local ownership and availability of local ICT skilled manpower. Commencing 1st September this year, ICTAB will become a mandatory requirement for any vendors or businesses when participating in Government ICT projects or tenders.
One of the pre-conditions of ICTAB is for ICT businesses to obtain AITI Accredited Business (AAB) Status. To date, AITI has awarded 53 businesses with AAB Status. These recipients comprises local ICT businesses with principal activities ranging from system integrator, software developer, hardware designer, ICT consultancy provider, resellers and distributors whom have met the minimum criteria on the technical and commercial competencies for the award.
According to the Chief Executive of AITI, Haji Yahkup Haji Menudin, the ICTAB initiative which signifies the next stage of the AAB Status, was initiated from the Brunei IT (BIT) Council chaired by the Minister of Communications. It is aimed for ICT businesses to be accredited as a pre-requisite before participating in any Government ICT projects. The accreditation will help to develop and sustain good ICT businesses, promote transfer of knowledge and skills to locals and discourages ‘Ali Baba’ businesses. He further added all ICTAB applications will be evaluated by the Accredited ICT Business Committee (AIBC) and among the criteria that will be looked at includes the applicants’ management structure, size of business and track record. Director EGNC, Adi Shamsul Bin Haji Sabli, looks forward to this initiative and mentioned that “The ICTAB initiative will help to ensure that Government ICT projects are carried out by competent local vendors.”
The ICTAB has a validity period of two (2) years from the date of issuance. Successful applicants are required to pay two (2) years registration fees with amount ranging from B$100 to B$1,500 depending on their classes. In addition to this, there is also a B$50 processing fee for all applications when submitting their ICTAB application form. Businesses are required to renew their ICTAB at least thirty (30) days before the date of expiry.
AITI is therefore pleased to invite all AAB Status recipients and local ICT businesses to apply for ICTAB. Application forms and guidelines for both ICTAB and AAB Status are available for download at AITI’s website There is no deadline to submit the application form. However, AITI would like to advise the applicants to hand in their submission at the earliest possible with complete documents in order to expedite the evaluation and award process.
An industry briefing will be organized on Thursday, 21st July 2011, 9am at Seri Kerna Hall, AITI’s office to address any enquiries on the ICTAB. Interested applicants both from the public and private sector alike are urged to RSVP before Tuesday, 19th July 2011 by at 2323232 ext 1210 (during office hours only) or email at For further information, please contact the ICT Industry Development Group at 2323232 or visit