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Dealer Licences and Type-Approval of Telecommunications Equipment

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Dealer Licences and Type-Approval of Telecommunications Equipment



The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) announces the importance of type-approving telecommunications equipments and buying products from licenced dealers.
AITI issues dealer licences to facilitate and regulate the sale & import of telecommunications and/or radiocommunication equipment. Also, another important aspect, as an agency regulating the importation of telecommunications equipment, AITI has to ensure the equipments brought into Brunei Darussalam are safe, operate within approved frequency and adhere to international technical standards. This is the whole purpose of Type Approval.
There are more than 300 active dealers registered with AITI who are licensed to import and sell telecommunications products. The number of telecommunications equipment coming into Brunei are also increasing every year and, very often, new models are being introduced into the market. Examples of equipment that require type approval are laptops with wifi and Bluetooth capabilities, mobile phones, wireless access modem, and other Short Range Devices (SRDs) such as Bluetooth headsets and accessories, radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices, key-less entry devices, etc.
In 2009, AITI has reduced the Type Approval fee by 50% and extended the validity of Type Approval certificate from 2 years to 5 years for dealers.
Recently, AITI has further streamlined and simplified the type approval process. For personal type approval, AITI has exempted the fee of up to 2 (two) units for mobile phones and will only charge each subsequent units.
Fees for dealer type approval are as follow:
This list should not be considered exhaustive. AITI reserves the right to make changes to the list below
Equipment Level
Equipment Type
Fee (B$)
Telephone System
ADSL Modem (Fixed)
Audio and Video Conference
Short Range Devices (e.g. laptops, tablets, etc)
B$ 100.00
Cordless Telephone System
Amateur Radio
Satellite Phone
Marine Radio
Satellite Receiver
Kristal Astro
B$ 250.00
Modem (Wireless)
Base Station
Radio Data Transceiver
High Power Radio Equipment
Radio Transceiver for Aeronautical
Walkie Talkie Radio
B$ 250.00
For personal type approval, calculation is based on the number of items imported by an individual:
Type approval of the mobile phone and standard telephone will not be charged up to 2 units. Subsequent units will be charged at $50 each.
• Type approval of the first unit is charged at B$50 and B$300 each for subsequent units of the same item for satellite phones, cordless telephone sets, amateur radio sets, radio modem.
• Type approval of the first 5 units is charged at B$50 and B$300 each for subsequent units of the same item for Modem, PABX, Marine radio, Remote control TX for car.
AITI has also introduced Type Approval labels for dealers to affix on their telecommunications equipment. This is to educate and show consumers that Type Approved equipments are safe and allowed to be used in Brunei Darussalam.
The Telecommunicationss Order requires all Radiocommunication and Telecommunicationss equipment dealers must be licenced by AITI.
The Telecommunicationss Order also requires all telecommunications equipments entering the country must be type approved before sale or use.
AITI’s enforcement activities are not meant to make life difficult for the dealers. It is supposed to protect businesses to ensure that there are no errant players or “black sheep” in the industry who bring in illegal, unauthorized and unsafe equipments.
- END -
About AITI:
AITI was established, as a statutory body, in 2003 to function as telecommunicationss regulator, manager of the national radio frequency spectrum and promoter of ICT industry development.
AITI will continue engaging its dealers, stakeholders and members of the public on regular basis on regulatory matters. Information is also available on AITI’s website,
For further enquiries, please email Hadi Iskandar at or call 2323232.