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Internet Safety Education for Secondary Students

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Internet Safety Education for Secondary Students
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30 November 2013 – The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) has concluded its annual Cyber Security Awareness Program for the private schools in Tutong, Belait and Brunei-Muara districts. This awareness program was run as a series of seminar through significant collaboration between AITI, Private Education Section under the Ministry of Education, Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) and Brunei Computer Emergency Response Team (BruCERT). The cyber security seminars have been carried out in seven (7) different private schools throughout the country, namely PGGMB Secondary school, St. Andrew’s School, Nusa Laila Puteri School Jangsak, Yayasan SHHB Secondary School, Chung Ching Middle School KB, St Margaret’s School KB and Chung Hua Middle School KB.
Overall, more than 1,400 students and 120 teachers attended the seminars which were conducted by BruCERT and RBPF.  The talk by BruCERT was delivered by Hj Mas Zuraime Hj Abd Hamid, Head of BruCERT and his team which comprised Ak Md Farid Zulhusni Bin Pg Aziz and Muhammad Hijan Haji Amran.  The seminar covered topics on Brunei’s Computer Misuse Act; social networking which included issues such as cyber bullying, identity theft and privacy settings; password management and incident reporting. BruCERT has also distributed “Digibytes” awareness booklets and survey forms on security awareness for the students to fill in.
Meanwhile, ASP Mariyani Hj Abd Wahab and Cpl 4192 Familawati Hj Moksin from Women and Children Abuse Investigation Unit at the Criminal Investigation Department of Royal Brunei Police Force shared on local cases of sexual exploitation and online grooming which involved underage victims of rape and unlawful carnal knowledge. They furher highlighted that most of the victim met their abusers through social network activities.
According to BruCERT, the major internet crimes are Online Grooming, Hacking and Carnal Knowledge abuse.  Ak Md Farid Zulhusni from BruCERT stated that most of the victims of online grooming and carnal knowledge are girls under the age of 16. However, boys of age 16 and below are also prone to online grooming and sexual abuse by older men and women.  Hopefully, such awareness will help raise students’ and teachers’ attention that online security is crucial.
Rusyita Rujinaj, a Year 10 student from St. Andrews School stated that “The Cyber Security Etiquette Seminar is really good since most of the young people are prone to these kinds of problems. Social media is the students form of entertainment and act as a medium for communication for them. It acts as a wake-up call for the students to be more vigilant when using social media”. Meanwhile, Miss Jane Keasberry, principal of St. Andrews also mentioned that the Cyber Security Etiquette Seminar helps to enforce the proper use of IT, work, smartphones and the children is educated on what is considered good when using the internet and also given proper guidelines on IT. She added that there should be more initiatives on cyber security not only to schools but also to major organisations as well.
AITI has initiated its series of cybersecurity and internet etiquette awareness program since 2009, aiming largely at students of primary and secondary levels. In its third year now, AITI has successfully reached more than 6,000 secondary school students, 2,000 primary school pupils, 400 teachers and 600 parents. The main objective of this program is to educate students on the importance of practicing safety, security and good ethics while engaging in online activities such as surfing the internet, social networking, information retrieval and e-commerce. It is also one of the key public awareness initiatives identified under the Child Online National Strategy Protection (COP) Framework for Brunei Darussalam.
This program will continue its journey around the country with a target to reach out to more than 4,000 students nationwide by the end of next year.
For more details on the Cyber Security Awareness Program, please visit or