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Our national colours shining at the Brunei Darussalam Pavilion

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Our national colours shining at the Brunei Darussalam Pavilion

18th June 2014 - The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) is fulfilling its commitment to the country by providing an opportunity for 10 local innovators to showcase their products at Communicasia2014.

BEDB - Copy.jpg

AITI is supported by the Brunei Economic Development Board ( which spearheads economic development.  Its vision is to grow and diversify the local economy by attracting investments and strengthening local businesses through research and innovation.

 DST - Copy.jpg

DST Communications Sdn Bhd ( is the country’s longest mobile communications and broadband service provider.  Its associated companies provide a multitude of communications, multimedia and systems integration services.  The group has been connecting the nation for over 19 years.  Its commitment and integrated services approach helps it to provide the best to the consumers.

NiAT - Copy.jpg

Network Integrity Assurance Technologies Sdn Bhd (NiAT) ( is a product of collaboration between Telekom Brunei Berhad and TS Global Network Sdn Bhd.  Its unique position gives it access to local resources with an international reach to provide satellite solutions and managed services to its customers.

 Ishajaya Technology - Copy.jpg

Ishajaya Technology Sdn Bhd ( was established in 2008 and has developed partnerships and business relationships with the world’s leading service and solution providers to provide its clients access to a full spectrum of multi-vendor enterprise solutions and expertise.  Its vision is to be Brunei’s IT service provider of choice. 

BruGPS - Cropped.jpg

BruGPS Technologies Sdn Bhd ( has a network of partners in the region.  It focuses on location based IT products and services which allow its customers visibility into its fleet operations.  The fleet management system is a user friendly web-based solution that provides real time vehicle tracking. BruGPS has received an AITI GRANT in 2011.

Folec - Copy.jpg

Folec Communications (B) Sdn Bhd ( started in 1987 as an agent for Motorola.  Today, it is a leading system solutions integrator specializing in RF communications, ICT, telecoms, telephony solutions and security applications services.  Folec’s agency services now include Mitel, Avaya-Nortel, Dell, GE, SysMaster and ASCOM.  It has recently been appointed the official distributor of SysMaster Corporation in the South East Asian region.  Through the years it has established itself as an outstanding home-grown success story which has promoted the development of local ICT skill sets. 


PHMD Publishing company ( is a new player in the local ICT sector focusing on creative multimedia solutions and innovative tools for e-learning and m-learning.  MindPlus e-learning solution was launched at Communicasia2014.  MindPlus currently focuses on Islamic Knowledge to tap on the global Muslim market. PHMD has AITI GRANT in 2013. Has also managed to get 2nd place in Brunei ICT Awards 2013 and 3rd place in ASEAN ICT Awards 2013.

SocialBuzz cropped.jpg

SocialBuzz Advertising ( leverages on the power of social media and social networks to help businesses and the public to reach out to each other through cost efficient and effective means.  It is well known for its web offering SocialDeal Brunei and SocialMart Brunei. SocialBuzz Advertising has managed to get an AITI GRANT 2013. SocialBuzz advertising has been awarded for Brunei ICT Awards 11 won 2nd Place and Brunei ICT Awards 12 won 3rd Place in New Media.

Halbase Company - Copy.jpg

Halbase Company is another homegrown innovator which creates mobile applications for Islamic communities.   Its products At-Taqwa Yaasin & Tahlil and Halal Trade aim to advance its mission of becoming the trusted provider of Islamic solutions and services.

itsybytes - copy.jpg

 Itsybytes company is a gaming software development company using web and mobile technology.  Their specialty is developing e-learning applications suitable for children 6 years and older to assist in their learning process through interaction and entertainment.  Its current focus is Brunei history and folklore.

 DOTROOT Technology - Copy.jpg

Dotroot Technologies ( is a melting pot of innovation, rapid idea generation efficiency drawing on a diverse pool of talents.  It provides multimedia and mobile applications.  Its application FoodFuel provides a new approach to the traditional meal planning conundrum. Dotroot has managed to achieve 3rd place in Brunei ICT Awards 2013.


The Brunei pavilion is at CommunicAsia 2014 from 17th June until 20th June 2014.

For more information, please visit the business websites, or email