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Overall positive results from CommunicAsia 2014

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Overall positive results from CommunicAsia 2014

DOTROOT Technology - Copy.jpg

19th June 2014 - DotRoot Technologies ( )

This is our first time here and we have gained invaluable exposure from CommunicAsia 2014.  We have extended our business networks and established links with potential business partners to pursue cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking software applications.  This experience has given us a wider view of what lies in store for us as a company when we decide to venture beyond the mobile application market. The technology showcased during the event has given us ideas to streamline our product designs for future implementation.


Halbase Company - Copy.jpg

Halbase Company ( )

Our first year showing at CommunicAsia 2014 has given our product the exposure and the right boost.  We are here to seek the right partners to collaborate with for future product development. We have learnt a lot from the international technology trends showcased at this exhibition. We thank AITI and the Ministry of Communications for giving us the support and opportunity.



PHMD Publishing Company

Since launching MindPlus: Islamic knowledge at CommunicAsia2014, we have seen a dramatic increase in downloads and have even received requests for translations of the application in other languages which will widen our market possibilities. MindPlus is available in the Apple appstore and we are working on making it available on Google Play and also a web-based version to further extend our reach.


itsybytes - copy.jpg

Itsybytes Company (

Itsybytes is the only game software developer to represent Brunei and has been overwhelmed with the response from the international exhibitors.  We have managed to showcase our prototype testing of our new 3D game applications and now have business opportunities in Singapore and Europe. As a first-time exhibitor, we are very grateful to AITI for this opportunity to join Communicasia 2014 and feel the amazing vibe of innovation.


BruGPS - Cropped.jpg

BruGPS Technologies Sdn Bhd
( )

We have made contact with the international companies who provide software and hardware solutions which would increase our exposure and generate ideas for plans to expand our business so we can provide the most reliable tracking and fleet-monitoring solution in South East Asia.


Folec - Copy.jpg

Folec Communications (B) Sdn Bhd
( )

This is the 3rd year Folec is participating in the Brunei Darussalam Pavilion at CommunicAsia. This year, we are showing hardware and software products which we distribute in this region. The Brunei Darussalam Pavilion is very prominent and provides very good visibility for local entrepreneurs and businesses. It helps draw customers to view our exhibits and also expand our partnership networks.


SocialBuzz cropped.jpg

SocialBuzz Advertising

SocialBuzz launched (BETA) at Communicasia 2014 which sends the message that it is now open for business globally. There are already potential clients who are interested in white labelling The Gigland’s platform.


Ishajaya Technology - Copy.jpg

Ishajaya Technology Sdn Bhd

Our approach to CommunicAsia 2014 and our prime objective was to showcase our professional service. We provided insight into how we can meet their business needs regardless of which sector or industry they are from. It was a great exposure for us as we were also able to make contact with potential partners to move our business forward. Participation in this event has broadened our view in terms of how integration of technology and mobility is included in our lifestyle and we hope to bring this back to Brunei and enhance our country’s infrastructure. Lastly, we would like to thank AITI for this wonderful opportunity.


BEDB - Copy.jpg

Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB)

This year, the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) leverages on the CommunicAsia2014 networking platform to showcase the Start-Up Brunei Grant Scheme (SUB) and the local Enterprise Application and Product (LEAP) Grant Program to attract foreign startups.


DST - Copy.jpg

DST Communications Sdn Bhd
( )

DST has once again been invited by AITI to be part of the Brunei Pavilion at the CommunicAsia. This year we are leveraging on the CommunicAsia platform in order to showcase our enterprise services, namely our Access broadband leased line services including Internet, domestic point-to-point and IPLC.


Although DST’s Access services have been around for the past decade, it is only in recent years that we have been expanding on our data wholesale business area and thus actively promoting these services not only at local events but also at regional networking platforms such as CommunicAsia 2014


The eleven companies that are represented under the Brunei pavilion in CommunicAsia 2014 are exhibiting from 17th June until 20th June 2014 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

You may find out information from the business websites, or email