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Sharing of Singapore’s work experience by AITI “INSPIRE” students

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Sharing of Singapore’s work experience by AITI “INSPIRE” students
The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) today held a work experience sharing session by six (6) local students who have recently completed their work attachment in Singapore under the internship INSPIRE program. The event was held in the Seri Kerna Hall at AITI’s premises at Kg Anggerek Desa.
Present at the session was Yang Mulia Awang Abdul Mutalib bin Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Setia Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Yusof, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Communications, and Chairman of AITI. Also present were senior officers from AITI, Department of Economic Planning & Development, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB) and Politeknik Brunei (PB).
The ceremony began with welcoming remarks by Haji Yahkup Bin Haji Menudin, Chief Executive of AITI, where he highlighted that INSPIRE program aims to build the technical and professional level of experience that will equip the students with not only core technical skills but also real-life skills in related working areas so they are better prepared to serve their country. He further stated that “This program has been successful where these students have managed to grab the opportunities to apply their knowledge, sharpen their technical skills and experience the pressure and responsibility of a real-life working environment. The feedback from Singapore’s counterparts, in particular, from the students’ mentor and supervisors, was very positive. This batch of students had performed very well in their internship. They have demonstrated good attitude towards their works, have shown the eagerness and willingness to learn, and ability to solve problem within the given time.”

The event continued with the presentation by the six (6) INSPIRE students who shared their Singapore’s work experience in various field of assignments. They have undergone the internship program at selected ICT and broadcasting companies for six (6) months starting from July to December 2014. These 2nd batch of INSPIRE candidates consisted of two (2) students from UBD, three (3) students from ITB and one (1) student from PB. They are:
1.      Dyg Khairani Binti Haji Zakaria - a UBD undergraduate taking Bachelors of Arts Degree in Professional Media and Communication, majoring in Professional Communications & Media Studies.  She interned in Malay news and current affairs at Mediacorp, Singapore.
2.      Malai Ahmed Jazly Bin Malai Hassan – a UBD undergraduate also taking Bachelors of Arts Degree in Professional Media and Communication, majoring in Professional Communications & Media Studies.  He interned in radio broadcasting which includes programming, online promotions and event management at Mediacorp, Singapore. 
3.      Awang Lim Tze Yee - an ITB student taking Bachelor of Science in Computer Network & Security. He interned at Cicada Cube Pte Ltd, Singapore.  Cicada Cube is a software engineering company involved in biometric software development and he was involved in developing an ongoing Biometric Palm Vein Project & Time Attendance System.
4.      Dayang Siti Noora’zam Binti Haji Abdul Kadir - an ITB student taking Bachelor of Science in Computing.  She interned at to Standices Pte Ltd, Singapore which provides leading edge digital research and big data consultancy.  She was involved in the analysis of large database to try to derive insights.
5.      Dayang Farah Nabila Binti Dr Haji Muhd Hadi - an ITB student taking Bachelor of Science in Computing. She interned at to Techsailor, Singapore which is a Social Media marketing company.  Farah Nabila was involved in a project on the social media applications & microsites.
6.      Md Dzulhakim Ilham Bin Hj Md Yassin - a Politeknik Brunei (PB) student taking Advanced Diploma in Information Systems and Technology.  He interned at Hello Technology, Singapore which is a software engineering company in telecommunication industry and he was involved in the development of Tok-Tok! Communicator, contact management portal, provisioning portal & user portal.
According to Malai Jazly, “I worked with a lot of forms media in Brunei before. The INSPIRE program gave me the chance to experience a whole different ballpark”. Both Edward Lim and Farah Nabila stated that the program has exposed them to new knowledge and new skill set that could prepare them for their future career. Meanwhile, Dzulhakim Ilham quoted that “The INSPIRE became the last puzzle piece I needed to complete the picture of what future studies and career to pursue.”

AITI hopes to attract the best candidates to join the next batch of the prestigious internship INSPIRE program which will begin in July this year. AITI will be opening the application for its 3rd Batch in March 2015.
The INSPIRE (Internship Student Programme for ICT Related Education) is an internship program to send selected Bruneian students to work at ICT and broadcasting & media companies in Singapore for 6 months. The program provides opportunities for students to apply and enhance their knowledge and skills through work experience and interaction with professionals and experts in an actual working environment.
The INSPIRE program will continue to provide excellent work opportunities in professional settings where the students can apply their knowledge and skills from their studies.  In addition, they will be able to explore their career interests, understand workplace expectations as well as develop a professional network of contacts in their field.

This program is also supported by the Department of Economic, Planning and Development (JPKE) and funded under the 10th National Development Plan for Human Capacity Development Program.